More About Murrey

Integrity, Intelligence & Innovation

Real Estate Agent Murrey Kehrlein developed his work ethic in his first career at the San Francisco Chronicle. In the latter part of his 26 years there, he oversaw the print production of the paper and honed his production management, communications, and customer service skills.

These skills and experiences—plus those he acquired as a real estate appraiser before he moved into sales—have helped him succeed in real estate. “I’m not just a salesperson,” he says. “When people come to a realtor, they have a problem they need to solve, and I’m a problem-solver.”

Repeat clients know Murrey as a long-term relationship-builder. Drawing on his experiences caring for his parents in their last decade, he helps individuals and families navigate through stages of life, from bachelorhood to downsizing into retirement.   

Murrey works with a select clientele. “You deal with me directly,” he says, and he stays engaged throughout the process as he identifies needs, wants, and priorities, and develops strategies that best serve his clients and their families. “I show up at inspections, appraisals, walk-throughs, and signings,” he says. “I’m there every step till you get your keys.” 

Murrey was elected as a director-at-large for 2021-2022 of the Contra Costa Association of Realtors. He also served as a member of the MLS & Business Development and Technology Committee (2010-2022) and MMG Multiple MLS Management Group (2016-2020).

In his free time, Murrey enjoys the gym, his Harley, and their grandkids. He and Cynthia also appreciate fine wines and great BBQ.